Frédéric Ouédraogo ; Daouda Sawadogo ; Solange Traoré ; Olivier Tindano - Improvement of the class visit in technical education: integration of a mediation tool

arima:2653 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, September 30, 2022, Volume 22 - 2016-2018 -
Improvement of the class visit in technical education: integration of a mediation toolArticle

Authors: Frédéric Ouédraogo 1; Daouda Sawadogo 2; Solange Traoré 3; Olivier Tindano 1

  • 1 Université Norbert ZONGO de Koudougou
  • 2 Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction - EA 2118
  • 3 Inspection de l'enseignement technique de ouagadougou

The improvement of teacher practice is supported by the class visit. This paper presents the integration of a sharing system of documents as a mediation system tool in the class visit. This sharing system enhances the interaction between the teacher and the pedagogical supervisor when they work on the main pedagogical documents of the class visit. We made an experiment with the service Google Drive with fifteen teachers and three pedagogical supervisors of the technical education. The results of this experiment have shown an improvement of the educational quality of the class visit and better communication between teacher and pedagogical supervisor. It appears from this study that the teacher becomes less stressed and he requests much more help of the pedagogical supervisor than usual.

Volume: Volume 22 - 2016-2018
Published on: September 30, 2022
Accepted on: August 7, 2022
Submitted on: January 18, 2017
Keywords: Teaching,mediation,class visit,pedagogical supervision,Collaboration,visite de classe,Encadrement pédagogique,Enseignement,[INFO.EIAH]Computer Science [cs]/Technology for Human Learning,[INFO.INFO-SE]Computer Science [cs]/Software Engineering [cs.SE]

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