Vinasetan Houndji ; Tafsir Gna - Genetic Algorithms for Solving the Pigment Sequencing Problem

arima:11382 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, March 25, 2024, Volume 40 - 2024 -
Genetic Algorithms for Solving the Pigment Sequencing ProblemArticle

Authors: Vinasetan Houndji 1; Tafsir Gna 1

  • 1 Université d’Abomey-Calavi = University of Abomey Calavi

Lot sizing is important in production planning. It consists of determining a production plan that meets the orders and other constraints while minimizing the production cost. Here, we consider a Discrete Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem (DLSP), specifically the Pigment Sequencing Problem (PSP). We have developed a solution that uses Genetic Algorithms to tackle the PSP. Our approach introduces adaptive techniques for each step of the genetic algorithm, including initialization, selection, crossover, and mutation. We conducted a series of experiments to assess the performance of our approach across some multiple trials using publicly available instances of the PSP. Our experimental results demonstrate that Genetic Algorithms are practical and effective approaches for solving DLSP.

Volume: Volume 40 - 2024
Published on: March 25, 2024
Accepted on: March 6, 2024
Submitted on: February 2, 2024
Keywords: Genetic algorithm,Production planning,Pigment sequencing problem,Lot sizing,Algorithmes génétiques,Planification de production,Dimensionnement de lots,Pigment sequencing problem,[INFO.INFO-AI]Computer Science [cs]/Artificial Intelligence [cs.AI]

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