Mohamed Tayeb Laskri ; Djallel Chefrour - Who_Is : Identification system of human faces

arima:1830 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, November 4, 2002, Volume 1, 2002 -
Who_Is : Identification system of human facesArticle

Authors: Mohamed Tayeb Laskri 1; Djallel Chefrour 2

Although human face recognition is a hard topic due to many parameters involved (e.g. variability of the position, lighting, hairstyle, existence of glasses, beard, moustaches, wrinkles...), it becomes of increasing interest in numerous application fields (personal identification, video watch, man machine interfaces...). In this work, we present WHO_IS, a system for person identification based on face recognition. A geometric model of the face is definedfrom a set of characteristic points which are extracted from the face image. The identification consists in calculating the K nearest neighbors of the individual test by using the City-Block distance. The system is tested on a sample of 100 people with a success rate of 86 %.

Volume: Volume 1, 2002
Published on: November 4, 2002
Submitted on: April 27, 2002
Keywords: Human face recognition, personal identification, image processing, characteristic vector , K-PPV method , City-Block distance.,reconnaissance des visages humains,Identification de personnes,Traitement d'images,Vecteur caractéristique,Méthode des K-PPV,Distance City-Block.,[INFO] Computer Science [cs],[MATH] Mathematics [math]

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