Sofia Douda ; Abdelhakim El Imrani ; Mohammed Limouri - Nouvelle approche d’accélération du codage fractal d’images

arima:1927 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, August 8, 2009, Volume 11, 2009 - Special Issue CARI 2008 -
Nouvelle approche d’accélération du codage fractal d’imagesArticle

Authors: Sofia Douda 1; Abdelhakim El Imrani 2; Mohammed Limouri 2

  • 1 Faculté des Sciences et Techniques [Settat]
  • 2 Laboratoire de Conception et Systèmes

The Fractal image compression has the advantage of presenting fast decoding and independent resolution but it suffers of slow encoding phase. In the present study, we propose to reduce the computational complexity by using two domain pools instead of one domain pool and encoding an image in two steps (AP2D approach). AP2D could be applied to classification methods or domain pool reduction methods leading to more reduction in encoding phase. Indeed, experimental results showed that AP2D speed up the encoding time. The time reduction obtained reached a percentage of more than 65% when AP2D was applied to Fisher classification and more than 72% when AP2D was applied to exhaustive search. The image quality was not altered by this approach while the compression ratio was slightly enhanced.

Volume: Volume 11, 2009 - Special Issue CARI 2008
Published on: August 8, 2009
Submitted on: January 21, 2009
Keywords: Fractal image compression, IFS, Coding/decoding, time computation,Compression fractale d’images,IFS,Codage/décodage,temps de calcul,[INFO] Computer Science [cs],[MATH] Mathematics [math]

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