Gérard NZEBOP NDENOKA ; Emmanuel Simeu ; Rshdee Alhakim - Efficient controller synthesis of multi-energy systems for autonomous domestic water supply

arima:1458 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, July 5, 2017, Volume 24 - 2017 - Special issue CRI 2015 - https://doi.org/10.46298/arima.1458
Efficient controller synthesis of multi-energy systems for autonomous domestic water supplyArticle

Authors: Gérard NZEBOP NDENOKA ; Emmanuel Simeu 1; Rshdee Alhakim 1

  • 1 Techniques de l'Informatique et de la Microélectronique pour l'Architecture des systèmes intégrés

The continuous development of ICT facilitates the emergence and rapid proliferation of a wide variety of low-cost processors for the execution of programs in complex embedded applications. In this paper, the study explores the possibility to benefit from this wealth of computing capacity at a reasonable cost to solve concrete problems encountered in implementation of sustainable development processes, particularly in water and energy supply . . . We are focusing autonomous water supply in buildings of several floors using several tanks supplied by several sources of water and pumping energy, based on a multilevel hierarchical priority access to water. The first problem is to propose pumping devices and a switching process between power sources, associated to an architectural structure guaranteeing significant reduction of pumping energy. The second problem is the system controller realization. For this, we have proposed a generic architecture justified by gains in potential energy. We also propose an automatic generation tool of control programs for different microprocessor targets taken from the functional design specification of the system given in a Grafcet form. To put them in evidence, we describe at the end a case study.

Volume: Volume 24 - 2017 - Special issue CRI 2015
Published on: July 5, 2017
Accepted on: July 5, 2017
Submitted on: July 4, 2017
Keywords: water supplying, logic controller,Grafcet modeling,automatic synthesis,photovoltaic energy,sustainable development, ICT,[INFO.INFO-SY] Computer Science [cs]/Systems and Control [cs.SY],[INFO.INFO-ES] Computer Science [cs]/Embedded Systems,[SPI.NRJ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electric power,[SPI.GCIV.CH] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Civil Engineering/Construction hydraulique

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