Désiré Nuentsa Wakam ; Guy-Antoine Atenekeng-Kahou - Parallel GMRES with a multiplicative Schwarz preconditioner

arima:1945 - Revue Africaine de Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, September 13, 2011, Volume 14 - 2011 - Special issue CARI'10 - https://doi.org/10.46298/arima.1945
Parallel GMRES with a multiplicative Schwarz preconditionerArticle

Authors: Désiré Nuentsa Wakam 1; Guy-Antoine Atenekeng-Kahou 2,3

This paper presents a robust hybrid solver for linear systems that combines a Krylov subspace method as accelerator with a Schwarz-based preconditioner. This preconditioner uses an explicit formulation associated to one iteration of the multiplicative Schwarz method. The Newtonbasis GMRES, which aim at expressing a good data parallelism between subdomains is used as accelerator. In the first part of this paper, we present the pipeline parallelism that is obtained when the multiplicative Schwarz preconditioner is used to build the Krylov basis for the GMRES method. This is referred as the first level of parallelism. In the second part, we introduce a second level of parallelism inside the subdomains. For Schwarz-based preconditioners, the number of subdomains are keeped small to provide a robust solver. Therefore, the linear systems associated to subdomains are solved efficiently with this approach. Numerical experiments are performed on several problems to demonstrate the benefits of using these two levels of parallelism in the solver, mainly in terms of numerical robustness and global efficiency.

Volume: Volume 14 - 2011 - Special issue CARI'10
Published on: September 13, 2011
Submitted on: February 27, 2011
Keywords: Domain decomposition, preconditioning, multiplicative Schwarz, Parallel GMRES, Newton basis, multilevel parallelism,Décomposition de domaine,preconditionnement,Schwarz multiplicatif,GMRES parallèle,Base de Newton,parallélisme multiniveaux.,[MATH] Mathematics [math],[INFO] Computer Science [cs]

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